Choosing The Best Aquarium for Your Flowerhorn Fish

Choosing a suitable and the best aquariums for your flowerhorn is the key to a successful flowerhorn breeding. Proper set-up and management of flowerhorn fish aquariums is crucial for taking good care of breeders. Hobbyist must have the knowledge to properly organize the aquarium or fish tanks.

If you are thinking of purchasing aquarium, a variety of aquariums are available to your local flowerhorn store. Keep in mind when choosing aquarium tank is to consider the size of your flowerhorn fish. Give some allowance in order to allow the flowerhrn fish grow without changing the aquarium. But the most important thing is to set-up the aquarium properly. Flowerhorn fishes are demanding in terms of fish tanks so it is essential to give them the natural habitat in their aquariums. Choose aquarium that compliments the color and design of your house. It is pleasing to the eyes to have beautiful and properly managed aquariums.

I advised you to choose an aquarium which is 3 feet or 2.5 feet at least in length. This tip allows the flowerhorn to have some extra space as it grows bigger. Choose aquarium with fiber glass wall as it is very convenient, leak proof and lightweight. The hexagonal fish tank is the best example for this.

Once you have the aquarium, setting it up with accessories is another essential in taking care of flowerhorn fish. You may want to put good-looking background in your aquarium. Many backgrounds are available also in you local aquatic store. Buy the most natural looking background for your aquarium to compliment the habitat or environment of your flowerhorn fishes. Putting pebbles, sand or gravel is good as well but tries not to over do it. Flowerhorns are a bit playful at times. You may not want them to get hurt inside their aquariums.

Do not put ornaments that are not useful in terms of good keeping of flowerhorn. A sunken ship made of stone or cement does not play a good role to this kind of aquarium. They tend to distract the flowerhorn as the breeding season or activity takes place. It only serve as decoration but not useful.

Next is the filtration system. Water filters are essential in managing your aquariums. Filters are important in an artificial aquatic environment. Flowerhorns consume a large amount of food and they produce large quantities of ammonia. High-quality filtration systems get rid of solid wastes from the flowerhorn fish. There are a range of types of filters accessible in the market. The efficiency of these filters depends on usage, stocking density and other factors.

Aquariums are a big part in flowerhorn fish keeping especially in flowerhorn breeding. Choose the best aquarium for you flowerhorn fish.


  1. nice post i enjoy reading your post...

    i have a new baby flowerhorn and im looking for a tip to have to make there head big and how to make there color glow more..:D

  2. Feed him as he takes and use chigmix food. It will help you to grow its hump and increase its color.

  3. even try humpy head


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