Helpful Suggestions on Feeding Your Flowerhorn Fish

Flowerhorn fish cichlids is a type of breed that was genetically engineered in South East Asia throughout the early 1990s. The result was made by means of crossbreeding several kinds of flowerhorn cichlids. It is not known exactly which species were crossbred to produce these flower horn fishes. Until now, the facts and information are only known by the people and hobbyists who engineered this kind of tropical fish. But, many people say that they most likely produced it by using Amhilophous Trimaculatus or of the genus trimacs and other Southern species such as Amphilophus Citrinellum. Flowerhorn fishes are different from many other types of hybrids. People nowadays can breed flower horn fish fish tanks and indoor aquariums. These types of fish are not difficult to keep. In fact they can be kept with minimal supervision. However, proper maintenance is necessary and proper procedures on feeding and setting up tanks should be on top of the list. The only essential requirement is a spacious fish tank or aquarium to provide enough space once it develops into adolescent.

After setting up you flowerhorn fish aquarium, you are now on the brink of asking the next questions – how often do you need to feed your flowerhorn fish? Hobbyists tend to commit almost the same mistake, over feeding the fish in the aquarium. In this situation, the unnecessary food intoxicates the water and mess up the filtration system. When this happens, diseases take place and complication occurs. This is one thing that we should focus on to ensure our success in breeding flowerhorns. Once a hobbyist finished setting up his tank for the first time, he must be sure no to get this error to prevent excess food jamming up the filtration system.

If you buy fish food on the local pet shop store, be sure to read the labels about over-feeding the flowerhorns. You will find warnings and detailed information on the package on how to properly feed your pet fish. Do not take for granted the manufacturer’s insight about providing them the correct nutrition.

How many times can you feed your flowerhorn fish?

Serving food for the flowerhorn fish will depend on the type of flowerhorn you are keeping. Generally, feeding your fish once a day is alright. However, fish keepers give them food twice a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. In this situation, the quantity of food is essential. IF you feed them once a day, give them enough food that they can consume on a daily basis. On the other hand, if you are decided to provide them food two times a day, grant them a sufficient amount on the first time that they can consume before the second feeding.

Flowerhorn fish get their colors and physical characteristics from cells. However, flowerhorn fishes cannot produce certain colored pigments therefore these color should come from the food they eat. Generally, artificial food fish manufacturer can provide these pigments by mixing them in the food they make. Significantly, the right kind of food for your flowerhorns can improve their breeding conditions and can help them to reproduce efficiently. There are many kinds of food that can be given to your pet fish. Here are some:

3 Types of Food of Flowerhorn Fish


Newly hatched salt water prawns are the most common food that hobbyists provide their flowerhorns. These type of food is probably the most safe food because the shrimps are cultured in a clean environment. Combine with the right timing of feeding, these shrimps can provide the nutrients your flowerhorn needs in breeding.

Mosquitoes and Insects

Even though mosquitoes and small insects are not easily digested, these type of food can provide proteins that promote rapid growth. When giving mosquitoes and insects to your flowerhorn pairs, be sure they are well cleaned.  Get rid of the large one as these have already hard-bitten and can cause indigestions on the part of the flowerhorn.

Worms and Lizards

If your cichlids reached adulthood, worms and small house lizards can be given to them. Frozen Bloodworms are also recommended because they are easily absorbed by the fish. This type of food can cause rapid growth and boost up the immune system.

Feeding your flowerhorn is an enjoyable task. While you are providing them the correct food and diet, you are also providing yourself some pleasurable moments with your pet fish while you are feeding them.

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