Breeding flowerhorn is pretty simple, particularly at the time when they attain the length of 11 cm. to 13 cm. The anal hole of the flowerhorn fish has a V shape in males and a U shape in females. Their breeding activities are comparable to other tropical fishes. The female flowerhorn position her eggs on a plane surface on the aquarium or fish, while the male flowerhorn secure the fries and the female from other fishes.

When the fries are hatched, breeding flowerhorn pair hide the fries to a more secured place. You can feed them with hatched brine shrimps. Breeding flowerhorn is not easy if the female flowerhorn feel stressed or anxious. It ends up ingesting her eggs. But if your aquarium or fish tanks are in good shape and their habitat are comfortable, breeding flowerhorn fish is very easy to accomplish.

There are few things to consider in breeding flowerhorn fish and if you have the full knowledge you can have the breed you want. It is also good to know the flowerhorn breeding procedures.

A female Flowerhorn is capable of producing approximately 1000 to 2500 eggs at a time. The eggs will take three to four days to hatch. When this occurs, you must remove the flowerhorn parents. Once the parents are removed, be sure to practice proper fry management.

Breeding flowerhorn is fun and exciting for all hobbyist. Once you’ve develop the cross-breed you want, you sure have a long journey in breeding flowerhorn fish. I am sure you will enjoy fishkeeping.

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